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Isa Pant in Carob

A Brief Intro: Natasha Zoë Garrett is the founder and creative engine behind Roam Studio. What started as a love of vintage clothing has blossomed into a clothing line of her own.

As she continues to grow her business, she stays deeply rooted in her vintage beginnings. She continues to draw inspiration from the worn and tattered treasures discarded by their previous owners. Her goal is to create a line of essentials that will stand the test of time.

Below, Natasha opens up about her relationship with clothes, the confidence in comfort, and creative expression.

Photos by Emmanuelle Yang
Intro by James Rohan

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Isa Pant in Bone

What’s the earliest piece of clothing you can remember?
My mom had this vintage denim vest covered in old-school candy bar patches and metal studs that she’d kept from her childhood. She passed it on to me when I was little. It was the coolest thing I’d ever seen and felt so unique. I think that’s the first time I realized that clothing could tell a story of its owner. I liked knowing what it must have meant to my mom as a kid and it felt special to give it new memories of my own. I still have that jacket with me today and look forward to passing it down to my kids.

What’s your relationship with clothes? 
I have a deep appreciation for well made clothing. I know just how much goes into making good clothes. That being said, I am not too precious with my clothing. I like to really live in what I wear and sometimes that means things get a little beat up along the way. That’s one of the reasons why I love good vintage. There is nothing better to me than a perfectly distressed vintage tee or pair of jeans. It means they’ve been well loved.

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Isa Pant in Carob

What does comfort mean to you? 
Comfort means confidence. When I am in situations where I feel comfortable (in my clothes, in my body, in my environment) I can relax. And when I am relaxed I feel like I can take on the world. That’s why it is of the utmost importance for me to design pieces that people feel comfortable in using fabrics that feel good on the body and are durable. I want every person who owns Roam clothing to feel comfortable and confident in their skin.

What made you want to sell vintage? 
I wanted to sell vintage because of the absolute thrill it gave me to search for it. There is little that I love more than a good early morning flea market hunt. When I first started collecting vintage, I was just finding pieces for myself. Eventually I realized that if I kept everything that I loved then I would have a bit of a problem on my hands so I learned to love letting things go. For me, the joy I get from finding beautiful things with a story of their own far outweighs any joy I may have in owning them. As long as I get to spend a few moments celebrating the beauty of a vintage piece before finding it a perfect home, then I’m happy.

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Isa Pant in Bone

“Roam was born from the ethos that good things are made to last. Good vintage stands the test of time and that is what I keep in mind when designing.”

How has vintage inspired Roam? 

Roam was born from the ethos that good things are made to last. Good vintage stands the test of time and that is what I keep in mind when designing. I source well made fabrics and work with expert artisans and sewers to develop pieces that are meant to be worn time and time again. Like vintage, Roam pieces are meant to be ones you want to come back to and that have a timeless quality about them.

What are you expressing through the clothes you make?

I like to think that I am expressing my love for effortless, timeless style. I want to make pieces that remind people how important well made, wearable clothing is. At the end of the day, they are the pieces you’re going to get the most use of. I’d much sooner invest in a really well made staple than something I’ll only wear once or twice in my life.

What do you feel when you’re wearing clothes from Roam?  
When I wear Roam I feel like I can show up completely as myself - confident and comfortable. I feel supported in my Roam pieces and I hope others do, too.

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